Group Exhibitions

YearExhibition TitleLocationCityExtra Info
20215th Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art FairGallery-F, TIF-HELEXPOThessalonikicurated by P. Alatsidis
2021Limitless LimitsLarnaca BiennaleLarnacacurated by Michail Elia
2021HOTELIA International Hotel Equipment ExhibitionTIF-HELEXPOThessalonikicurated by P. Tsatsis
2021Artbox.Project Zürich 3.0SwissartexpoZürich
2021New PerspectivesCosmopolis Festival KavalaKavala
2021Affordable ArtLola Nikolaou Art GalleryThessaloniki
2021Albert Camus: 865 LettersOnline Group Art Exhibition, Florina Museum of Contemporary ArtFlorinacurated by N. Kalaitzaki
2020MOMus Resilience Project – So Far So CloseOnline ExhibitionMOMus (
2019Group Exhibition 2 – Painting and SculptureArtforum GalleryThessaloniki
20194th Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art FairTIF-HELEXPOThessalonikicurated by P.Tsatsis
2019Affordable ArtLola Nikolaou Art GalleryThessaloniki
2019Digging Up 6+3The Refugees MuseumThessalonikicurated by M. Dellaporta
2018BreakthroughEkaterina Cultural FoundationMoscowcurated by Michail Sidlin
2018Charity Auction3rd Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art FairThessaloniki
2018Emerging ArtistsOpen Art Lab-TIF HELEXPO, Group Exhibition of the 4th Studio(Department of Visuals and Applied Arts), Art-Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art FairThessalonikicurated by Y. Fokas
2018Emerging Artists, Group Exhibition of the 4th Studio(Department of Visuals and Applied Arts)Artforum galleryThessalonikicurated by Y. Fokas
2017From Camus to SartreThe Refugees MuseumThessalonikicurated by H. Savvopoulos
2017Group Exhibition of the 4th Studio(Department of Visuals and Applied Arts)Gallery of the Society for Macedonian StudiesThessalonikicurated by Y. Fokas
2017STAMP FestivalThessalonikiThessalonikicurated by H. Savvopoulos
2017PHYSIS Artist residency “Vision and Illusion”Europäische KunstakademieTriercurated by A. Conrad
2016PHYSIS Artist residency “Vision and Illusion”Palazzo Sant’EliaPalermocurated by A. Conrad
2016PHYSIS Artist residency “Vision and Illusion”Ummwelt-BildungszentrumBerlincurated by A. Conrad
2016A to Z in loopAthens Digital Art FestivalAthenscurated by S.Dexis
2014Detecting, students honored Vasso KatrakiTeloglion Fine Arts FoundationThessalonikicurated by G.Tsaras